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this isnt a video

its an experience

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Being bottom for the first time
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when u tappin dat ass
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Wow someone recorded Alex having sex, this is a gross invasion of privacy that we at DoubleJump won’t stand for.

God dammit, Tooch

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Today’s Gender of the day is: Cool Math Games

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a japanese teenager sits his parents down

"mom dad, im gay"

"but son how do you know? are you in love?"

the son shakes his head as a tear rolls down his face. he lifts his hands from his lap. they are bigger than his face. his mother begins to weep

he has yaoi hands.

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dying is taking too long

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Hello there, my name is Kris and I have been identifying as male for over a year. I am not exactly a proud trans man, but I’m caught in a really bad situation and need help. 

In less than a week I turn eighteen and on the 27th I leave for college. After that, I’m out on my ass. My parents are transphobic and refuse to pay for any of my expenses. Not even migraine medication, as shown above, which I need on a daily basis to function. Because my father is refusing to pay my tuition for the semester like he promised he would, I am now over $3000 in debt excluding my textbooks costs. I am unemployed, six months overdue, and really scared. My college is threatening to forfeit my classes, meaning I can’t leave an abusive household for another semester. I need to get out.

I plan on taking out a student loan next week to cover my college fees and once I move I’m hunting for a job. But even with a job, I can’t juggle the cost of living and transitioning expenses. Unfortunately, I must choose the former over my mental health. Which is why I’m begging for some help for transitioning fees. I’m tired of feeling like shit most of the time because of gender dysphoria, hating my image in the mirror, and crying myself dry on bad nights. 

My current goal is $2000 towards gender therapy, blood work, and testosterone injections. (My current healthcare plan doesn’t cover transitioning fees.) I know it is very unlikely I will reach this goal, but even a little money is better than nothing. If you could find it in your hearts to spare me even five dollars, I would greatly appreciate it. 


Thank you.

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In the end there is no greater motivation than revenge.

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